Edelman India’s award winning Public Affairs (PA) practice combines policy making, regulatory affairs and communications knowledge to develop and execute campaigns based on research and insights that inform impactful strategies.

As policy and political dynamics evolve, companies are increasingly changing their approach to policy advocacy towards a more structured and research based one. With ethics and compliance being key, the old model based on relationships and informal engagement to achieve quick fixes, has been replaced by one that uses compelling evidence-based content to create and nurture long term thinking and relationships that lead to sustainable solutions.

At Edelman we have an approach that can help promote and protect organisations. We work with our clients to anticipate issues, plan and respond to the emerging challenges at national, state and local levels. At the core of the offering is the ability to develop long term relationships and maintain constant engagement instead of an ad-hoc approach.

Our service areas include a host of offerings:

  • Policy consultation and Government outreach support
  • Issues management and Advocacy
  • Industry affairs
  • Strategic media engagement

Our team comprises senior industry professionals, domain experts, researchers, lawyers and writers from a wide range of backgrounds. We have access to an extended group of advisors from the Indian Administrative Service, media and NGO circles who help us navigate the vast and complex stakeholder universe in India.