At Edelman, our approach begins with creating a compelling narrative that captures a company’s personality, culture and direction. It encompasses engaging constituencies based on a clear stakeholder roadmap. We work to align a company with its stakeholders, connecting with a variety of audiences through the most effective means – media relations, direct-to-influencer communications, internet advocacy, employee engagement, corporate advertising or an effective combination of each. We are business problem-solvers, informed by market insights and focused on driving measurable outcomes.

Edelman Corporate

Edelman Corporate protects reputations and strengthens a company’s relationships with key constituencies. Guided by the belief that increasing the level of trust in a company is the keystone of these endeavours, we work in close partnership with corporate clients to engage employees, deepen customer loyalty, attract investors and align government and public interests. Our unifying proposition is that well-crafted strategic communications are essential tools that build trust among key stakeholders and preserve, protect and propel business value.

We have the experience and the skill sets to offer both a global and local perspective, wherever you operate or want to expand your business. Our corporate team of 40+ professionals knows how to employ a comprehensive, multi-tiered approach that enables clients to achieve their long-term goals and vision.

Our client list includes prestigious names such as PayPal, Flipkart, Shell, Airbus, Airbnb, Max Life Insurance, Microsoft, Infosys amongst other.

Business-to-Business Communication: We work with businesses to differentiate them as leaders in their increasingly competitive markets. We enhance customer loyalty, spark new lead generation, hone industry reputation and build trust in brands, all part of the critical mix for marketplace success.

Reputation Management: We work with clients to protect their most important assets — their reputation and the trust of their stakeholders. With the knowledge that trust protects corporate reputation, we help companies shape public opinion. By identifying a company’s assets and weaknesses in the realm of trust, we help corporations uncover, define, exemplify and amplify their authentic identity in ways that resonate with stakeholders and inspire support of their business mission.

Executive Positioning: We work with CEOs and leaders from a number of corporations, non-profits and academic institutions. Informed by this work, we have developed a global, experience and relationship-driven approach to executive positioning, which includes:

  • Executive Platform Development: Creating core content that is differentiating, authentic and interwoven with an organization’s expertise, brand identity and external communications activities.
  • Execution: Securing speaking, elite media, digital and direct-to-influencer opportunities that allow executives to advance core content with critical stakeholders.
  • Counselling: Leveraging our knowledge of conferences, elite media and influencer engagement best practices to prep executives for appearances, interviews and stakeholder meetings.

Crisis & Issues Management: We work with clients from every industry sector and geography at every point in the life cycle of crisis and risk. Our strength lies in understanding the fluid operating realities and context of crisis. We quickly translate that knowledge into strategy and action for our clients.

Employee Engagement: Engaged employees are individuals who are always looking for ways to create additional value for their business. We work with clients to accelerate their business performance by helping them engage employees, through the establishment of meaningful connections that build trust. We connect employees with their company, with each other, and with the outside world — positioning them to serve as trusted spokespersons for their companies as well.

Financial Communications: Edelman partners with companies to successfully navigate shifting industry dynamics, protecting and enhancing brands and reputations.

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