In today’s transformative environment, companies and brands can no longer rely on just window-to-window or moment marketing. At Edelman, we build campaigns that are centred on achieving engagement that resonates amongst all stakeholders, including consumers. We do this by understanding the issues and cultural trends that impact our clients and their brands, not just today, but also in the future. As our clients are expected to be content publishers, our work is grounded in meaningful storytelling. We also help our clients tackle their toughest issues. We help them build commitments and solutions that meet stakeholder needs while building and maintaining their license to operate, lead and engage in meaningful ways that resonate with all stakeholders.

Brands are built not only by the company that operates it but also by the people who interact with it. It invites audiences and consumers to participate in its story – a story that’s rooted with a sense of purpose. By delivering on its promises every day, this new breed of brands earn the right to be in the conversation and be a part of people’s lives.

Because of this changing landscape and the growing demands many brands face, our Consumer team at Edelman works closely with clients to help evolve their brands over time, promote the core stories that matter most to people and help protect them by ensuring that they act from a position of authenticity and shared purpose.

We know that understanding the trends that drive business is crucial to success – can link the latest regional trends survey

What We Offer

  • We help brands to engage with their audiences. Our goal is to help brands increase both their immediate and long-term value.
  • We understand how to deepen connections, build brand trust, initiate action and achieve commercial success. The consumer is at the centre of everything we do.
  • Edelman’s legacy in consumer marketing has led us to develop numerous methodologies for engaging consumers from our work in conversation marketing to mobile marketing. It also means we continue to innovate, bringing our clients smart and impactful solutions for solving increasingly complex problems.
  • We offer world-class communications marketing capabilities that includes Media Relations, Strategy & Creative, Content & Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media and Experiential Marketing.
  • Our experience spans across sectors such Food & Beverage, Luxury, Fashion & Retail, Beauty, FMCG, Consumer Technology, Alco-Bev, Sports & Entertainment, E-Commerce, Automotive, Travel & Tourism and Hospitality


To know more about us in India, please contact

Ashutosh Munshi, Executive Vice President - Brand