Edelman India’s research unit – Media Research and Analysis (MRA) – caters to media monitoring and analysis that fulfils research requirements of clients cutting across practices.

Through qualitative and quantitative analyses, MRA has the capability to provide actionable insights to clients. The team is equipped to provide secondary research to support teams in new business development and also to support external clients.

We also undertake select primary research projects in both qualitative and quantitative domain. At times, MRA partners with external market research firms to conduct field research but the analysis and final recommendations are always done in-house.

MRA’s Capabilities

Primary Research

  • Baseline Survey
  • Behavioural Change Research
  • B2B and Industrial Studies
  • Brand Perception Study
  • Corporate Reputation Studies
  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Study
  • Communication Effectiveness Study (End Line Survey)
  • Policy Research
  • Retail Audit
  • Segmentation and Profiling Studies
  • Social Research

Secondary Research

MRA provides support to new business development pitches and ad-hoc projects by providing research based understanding on

  • Client, Competition & Industry Landscape
  • Policy & Regulatory Landscape
  • Stakeholder and Conversation Mapping
  • Consumer Insights, Media Coverage and Messaging Matrix
  • Social Media Research and Campaign Analysis 
  • Reports*

Media Monitoring

  • Crisis media monitoring for breaking news on clients, competition, government and industry

Media Analysis           

Quantitative Methods

  • Share of Voice
  • Reporting Genres
  • Visibility by Publication
  • Coverage Spread and Placement
  • Impressions garnered
  • Audience reach 

Qualitative Methods

  • Coverage Tonality
  • Spokespersons in focus
  • Key Coverage Highlights
  • Key Journalist
  • Coverage Trend