At Edelman, we believe that an idea should always focus on solving a business challenge. With a team of research specialists, analysts and a variety of tools, we research every angle of the challenge to arrive at a clear understanding of the business problem. After that, a team of planners finds the audience insight—the tension that needs to be released in order to create action.

It is at this point that we arrive at an Edelman idea. Our ideas are earned-centric and social by design.

Earned-centric because our ideas connect directly to a societal nerve, a conversation that media and influentials alike are interested in joining and participating in.

Social by design because they spark shareable behavior from the start. Content that evokes people’s interest, hitting a social nerve that triggers participation in the conversation, helping them feel in the know on that particular topic.

In these days of diffracted storytelling and saturated conversations, it’s necessary to amplify our ideas with a constant drumbeat of media relations and well-targeted paid amplification. That way, we rise from the clutter of a crowded environment and ultimately build an emotional connection and trust with our audience, motivating them to act.