A high-performing workforce is imperative for the growth and survival for any company. There is universal agreement that increased engagement drives results. When engagement declines, companies become vulnerable. An engaged workforce increases innovation, productivity and bottom-line performance, while reducing costs related to hiring and retention in a highly competitive talent market.

Edelman’s global Employee Engagement team partners with some of the world’s leading organizations to plan, execute and measure programs that effectively engage employees and, ultimately, accelerate business performance. Improved employee engagement drives a number of business outcomes, including financial success, an enhanced customer experience, a high-performance culture and improved talent attraction and retention.

With a rapidly improving economy, India has seen a substantial growth in overall jobs in the Asia Pacific region as a whole. As a booming job market awaits India, millennials have several mainstream and niche options.

At Edelman, we work closely with organisations to create programs that fundamentally strengthen three core connections that all employees must have to succeed – with their company, with their peers and with the world outside the company.

About Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is still widely perceived as falling under the domain of “HR issues” versus being a driver of business performance. Almost 50 percent of organizations fail to measure employees’ engagement with the customer or the brand.

Today, readers and audiences have high expectations about what they choose to read, especially online. While e-mail is still an employee’s most effective collaboration tool, the newest generation of adults have strikingly different reading habits compared to older generations. Millennials consume information over smartphones, are content creators and are social sharers. Self-expression is highly valued and a “community” could range from social networks, subcultures, interest groups to media choices; which reflect their personal interests and/or culture.

Edelman understands companies must communicate with and engage all segments of their workforce to positively impact culture, external reputation, customer experience, talent attraction and at the same time boosting employee retention. To build these connections, our global network of communicators specialises in developing and executing engagement strategies, with expertise in:

Communications and Change Acceleration

  • Annual, program or campaign communications planning
  • Content development
  • Transaction support (M&A, spinoffs, financial reporting, reductions, restructuring)
  • Culture change/acceleration roadmap design

Customer Experience

  • Frontline employee engagement
  • Internal brand activation
  • Product rollout internal campaign

Social Engagement and Amplification

  • Mobile and social strategies
  • Employee First news and information platform
  • Employee ambassador activation
  • Video, infographic and creative asset production
  • Experiential events
  • Town halls

Measurement and Insights

  • Engagement surveys
  • Culture audits
  • Communication audits
  • Dashboard creation
  • Focus groups (virtual and in person)
  • Virtual communities

Talent and Purpose

  • Best places to work recognition
  • Employee value proposition development
  • Recruiting social media strategy
  • Employee volunteerism campaigns
  • Sustainability and purpose campaigns

Organizational Design

  • Vision, values, purpose design and rollout
  • Channel and communications infrastructure design
  • Manager communications training
  • Communications function design
  • Best practice benchmarking
  • Capability building and training