In a country of more than 2,000 producers, Indians didn’t need another tea brand. And yet, we got a new generation of tea drinkers excited about the launch of Tata Tea Fusion by creating a fusion of our own. Tata Tea Fusion was introducing a first-of-its kind design that allows consumers to make their own perfect blend of classic Assam tea and one of two variants, green tea or Kenyan tea. But for media and consumers alike, a new tea brand is instantly old news, with countless brands launched every year, each of these staking a claim as the most differentiated and special offering. We had to find a way to bring the product story to life and stand out amongst the competition.

Leading up to the release, we created a teaser content that would surprise and delight fans with news that the remake of the Bollywood song Ek Garam Chai Ki Piyali Ho was on its way. While the trailer, music video and behind-the-scenes videos were viewed more than 1.14 million times across platforms, nearly one in eight views of the video resulted in engagement, with more than 135,700 likes, comments, tweets, shares and dubsmash remakes. Reaching more than three million consumers (exceeding our KPI by 30%), the song was played more than 258,000 times on India’s most popular music streaming sites.