With the vision to drive investment- and reform-based holistic development, the Government of Rajasthan decided to host a global investor summit, the Resurgent Rajasthan Partnership Summit, in November 2015. At the beginning of the campaign, we conducted a media perception study to advise the development of the narrative, messaging and media engagement strategy. Our research found that awareness in the media about Rajasthan’s investment facilitation initiatives and policies was extremely low. Making Rajasthan’s message of opportunity stand out in the milieu of similar, near- simultaneous summits organized by several other Indian states posed an additional unique challenge. Thus, it became imperative to revolutionize perceptions about the state as a competitive investment destination in India by promoting the Summit as a prestigious platform for engagement with government, investors & other stakeholders. While social media activities during the Summit resulted in more than 8,900 tweets from over 250 locations around the world, reaching 22.5 million people, the number of followers of the state’s investor summit on Facebook crossed 500,000 a month before the event. There was a near four-fold increase in the national media coverage with an average of over 7 positive stories per month before the summit, with editorials appreciating the state’s developmental and policy reforms initiatives published in three major national newspapers.