At the beginning of the campaign, the agency conducted a media perception study to advise the development of the narrative, messaging and media engagement strategy. The research found that awareness about Rajasthan’s investment facilitation initiatives and policies was extremely low. Domestic and international media coverage of the state government’s efforts towards economic liberalization and privatization was minimal relative to its peers in India.

There is much more to Rajasthan than a mystical allure that has long charmed connoisseurs of culture and history. Industry and economy have silently thrived in India’s desert heartland, but it is now time for them to harness their true potential, and emerge from the shadows of majestic palaces and memories of dynasties long past.

With the vision to drive investment- and reform-based holistic development, the state government decided to host a global investor summit, the Resurgent Rajasthan Partnership Summit, in November 2015.

Thus, it became imperative to revolutionize perceptions about the state as one of industrial resurgence and governance reform. Making Rajasthan’s message of opportunity stand out in the milieu of similar, near- simultaneous summits organized by several other Indian states posed an additional unique challenge.


  • To position Rajasthan as a competitive investment destination in India, increasing top-of-mind recall
  • To amplify messages of reform achievements and socio- economic progress in the state
  • To promote Resurgent Rajasthan Partnership Summit as a prestigious platform for engagement with government, investors & other stakeholders


CATEGORY: Public Sector Campaign Of The Year
CLIENT: Government of Rajasthan


  • Over 5000 dignitaries attended Summit, including Cabinet Ministers of Government of India; diplomats and investor delegation from Germany, Japan, Singapore, Italy, Israel, Australia, etc.
  • Coverage of the state by national media through proactive efforts witnessed a near four-fold increase to an average of over 7 positive stories per month before the investor summit, while the number of followers of the state’s investor summit on Facebook crossed 500,000 a month before the summit.
  • The number of unique authors tweeting RRPS prior to the Summit were only second to the most successful recurring Investor Summit in India –– Vibrant Gujrat Summit (now in its 7th year) –– and way ahead of the rest
  • Editorials in 3 major national newspapers - The Times of India, Mint, Financial Express -appreciating the state’s developmental and policy reforms initiatives
  • Over 900 news clips of the 2-day investor summit across print, online and TV media: event proceedings received around 500 impressions in print media-109 front page stories, over 95 stories in national main lines, over 60 stories in financial dailies, and over 200 newsclips in broadcast channels. Summit achieved print coverage with TAV equivalent of US$11.52 million
  • Social media activities during the Summit resulted in more than 8,900 tweets from over 250 locations around the world with a reach to 22.5 million people (47% of total Twitter base in India)
  • Engagements across all social platforms numbered 83,400 on 19-20 November 2015