Seat belts are recognized as one of the most effective car features to reduce the severity of road crash injury. While there has been a lot of communication around seat belts, the discourse around rear seat belts in India was never done. Backed by hard data and insights (from Nissan India and SaveLIFE Foundation’s study: ‘Rear Seat-Belt Usage and Child Road Safety in India’) that revealed high awareness but low usage of rear seatbelts, Nissan launched #HaveYouClickedToday, a multi-faceted campaign to establish the brand as a socially responsible corporate committed to enhancing road safety. For the first leg of the campaign, Nissan India partnered with SaveLIFE Foundation, India’s leading road safety NGO, to commission India’s first research-based report on rear seat belts with a special focus on children.

The results revealed that 1/5th of people in India did not wear a seat belt owing to clothes getting crumpled and finding it uncomfortable. This indicated an opportunity and an intervention to drive behavioural change for all drivers and passengers. By partnering with Kunal Rawal to co-create #NissanSBS (Seat Belt Shirt). India’s first wrinkle resistant shirt, Nissan encouraged people to buckle up without having to worry about their comfort or appearance. A strategic outreach with media, influencers, stylists and Bollywood celebrities drove earned conversations for the campaign and the brand. With over 300+ media stories and 6mn social media impressions, the campaign created a movement that enhanced engagement and awareness to promote the usage of rear seat belts.