KFC India launched #KFCBoxwalas in March 2016. A one day campaign, this was the first time a quick service restaurant (QSR) had delivered meals in association with the Dabbawalas – significant part of office-goers life and it was one of the most creative uses by KFC to get people to sample their new tasty product.

With the aim to build up the lunch occasion, KFC introduced a new, ample yet affordable meal choice- ‘The 5-in1 Mealbox’. The meal box would offer more for less than any of the competition, uncompromised on taste and quality.

With no dearth of meal options but none serving a complete meal to satiate each taste craving, we wanted to portray KFC 5-in-1 meal box as the most tasty and most affordable meal.

We wanted to be the preferred meal choice for the office-goers. To be the best meal in town, we had the ingredients, next we needed the prefect recipe.


KFC, one of India’s most loved restaurant chains, launched #KFCBoxwalas in March 2016. Through this, KFC wanted to bring outits most innovative meal –the 5-in-1 Meal Box and position it as the perfect lunch offering.

This was the first time a quick service restaurant (QSR) had delivered meals in association with the Dabbawalas.


TITLE: The 5 – in – 1 Mealbox Dabbawala
CATEGORY: Best Use of Creativity


  • The delivery of the KFC 5-in1 meal boxes was a large order which covered the whole city. Over 1000 people were going to be treated with this surprise meal box and attention to detail was imperative.
  • The Economic Times-Brand Equity, Mashable Outlook Business are new names who actively wrote and promoted the campaign online.
  • The positive feedback reverberated all over social media garnering more publicity for the product and the brand.
  • Total coverage: 211
  • Total print: 75
  • Total online: 136
  • Presence on Facebook: 25 organic posts
  • Impact on Twitter: 3rd most trending topic on March 28 for two hours
  • Features on Instagram: 10 photo posts on the 5-in-1 meal box delivery

This was one of a kind milestone campaigns for the brand as KFC sold 1 million meal boxes in a matter of just 6 weeks.