In 2015, more than 830 women and 16,000 children under the age of five died every day, mostly of preventable causes. And yet, that same year, this was a story fast receding into recesses of public health news. With limited time and resource, we transformed a closed-door strategy session into an opportunity to bring a call to action to more than a billion people.

Maternal health and child survival was a critical health objective included in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) announced in 2000. However, by 2015 it was clear that not all countries had met this goal, although there had been considerable progress made across the world. Further, with the issue of maternal and child health and the MDGs circulating in the press for more than a decade, the story had receded into the background of media and public consciousness.

With the impending MDGs period end, with many nations falling short of their goals, The Call to Action Summit would bring leaders from 24 nations to Delhi to assess key learnings and challenges and chart a path forward to address this most pressing issue.

There was no more important time than this to bring the issue back to the center of public consciousness and promote a call to action to eradicate this issue once and for all.


  • Appeal to India’s most high profile government and public health stakeholders and ensure that they do more than just attend the summit. It was essential for them to actively share the story and help spread awareness
  • Move the story from the recesses of the health news to the front pages, to Op-Eds, to high profile editorial and social conversation online
  • Intensify a conversation that had weakened and return a collective sense of urgency to resolving the issue


TITLE: The Call to Action Newsroom
CATEGORY: Public Education Campaign of the Year
BUDGET: $44,309 USD


  • More than 814 print, online and broadcast outlets, in India and around the world, reported the story in real time on the front pages, Op-Eds pages, and editorial and financial pages
  • Two live broadcasts on All India Radio, taking the story to an estimated audience of more than 1.1 billion
  • Beating out Bollywood and other top news of the day, this public health topic trended nationally, three times, during the two-day summit
  • The story was shared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, All India Radio News, the Press Information Bureau and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, reaching more than 20 million followers on Twitter
  • More than 25,000 liked a summit-specific page on Facebook to get live updates as they were shared
  • With only 30 days to plan and execute and with a shoestring budget, we achieved an ad value of more than $1.232 million, an ROI of more than 2,680% “The Call to Action Newsroom was a powerful idea. It gave us the