In the on-going battle between health and taste, canola oil has shown that there can be two winners! Faced with entrenched consumer mindsets and stiff competition from traditional cooking oil, canola oil made a late entry into India's crowded edible oil market. We were asked to promote its use and acceptance in a market which was cluttered with brands clamouring for consumer attention and staking their claim as a “healthy oil”. 

Our efforts helped canola oil find a visible space on the kitchen shelves in India and carve a niche for itself, thanks to its nutrition profile, versatility, steady ongoing research, and strategic consumer-friendly communications marketing. Our approach involved: making a case for canola oil (“Know it”), getting influencers to Taste the Difference (“Try it”), and creating mouth-watering content to encourage consumers to try out canola oil (“Use it”). 

Bottom line: Between Jan 2016 and Jun 2017, we got 197 (83 print and 114 online) media stories and saw a 203% increase in our Facebook community (from 20,617 fans to 62,508). More consumers became aware of canola oil and its benefit:  September 2016 research by an independent research firm showed an increase in awareness of canola oil from 12% to 15% in the last two years. Canola oil found its place in more Indian kitchens. Direct Canadian canola oil exports to India which were 1,200 tonnes in 2014, increased to 6,000 tonnes in 2015, and 35,000 tonnes in 2016.